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Susan Porter is an Oklahoma native who grew up in Northeast Oklahoma City. She is a Millwood “lifer”, attending Millwood Public Schools from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Susan earned her B.A. in Spanish from the University of Oklahoma and studied Spanish at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. She is the daughter of Oklahoma’s first African American State Senator, E. Melvin Porter and a mother to her son, Porter Chappelle. Her early exposure to community and public service encouraged her to serve others and personally strive for excellence. 

Susan put her bilingual skills to work at Bank of America in South OKC. As a dedicated team member and rising star, Susan quickly worked her way from teller to Recruiter, and eventually Assistant Vice President. She continued her career within the company, relocating to both Dallas and Austin before returning home to embark upon her entrepreneurial ambitions. 

Susan launched Porter Language Learning Services, providing Spanish classes to bankers, private business, Oklahoma County offices and the Department of Human Services. She eventually returned to corporate business, where she utilized her leadership skills as Regional Manager of Operations for Heartland Dental. Continuing to help others, she provides personal and professional coaching via her consulting business, Mojo Original.